Terms and conditions

Article 1:
The renter is deemed to have received the rented property in good condition and to have taken note of the instructions for use of both the rental scooter and the ART approved anti-theft lock.

Article 2:
The rental scooter is insured by WA (third party). Upon delivery of the scooter, the renter receives the green card and a European claim form. The renter is liable for the loss of documents and items belonging to the rental scooter, such as registration documents, green card, damage form, chain lock and any accessories supplied. In the event of theft of the scooter, the renter must return both the ignition key and the padlock key to Scoot Amsterdam. If this does not happen, claiming on the insurance of Scoot Amsterdam for the theft WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE and the renter will be liable for the cost incurred for the replacement of the scooter (day price). Any money/s or deposit/s held, will be used towards the purchase of the replacement scooter.

Article 3:
Renter / Driver is deemed to be at least 18 years old and must identify him/herself with a valid driving license (minimum AM). Scoot Amsterdam is given the opportunity to make a copy of this and / or a valid proof of identity.

Article 4:
The renter is deemed to be aware of the current traffic rules and to adhere to them. Traffic offenses and resulting costs are for the account of the renter. A helmet can be supplied for driver and/or passenger as requested. Driving without one is at the risk of the renter and Scoot Amsterdam will accept no responsibility for any injuries incurred due to not wearing a helmet.

Article 5:
The renter must have paid Scoot Amsterdam the total amount of the contract, including deposit, before the rental period. Scoot Amsterdam will pay the renter the deposit back after the rental period if the scooter is returned in the same condition as upon delivery. In event of any claim on our insurance, the 250 euro deposit will be held as own risk,(eigen risico) until the claim is finalized. Scoot Amsterdam also has the right to set off any damage with the deposit. If the damage amount is higher than the deposit paid, the renter will also be charged for this remaining amount.

Article 5b: If Scoot Amsterdam has agreed for the renter to pay all, or part of the total amount, AFTER the rental period, the renter is deemed to make full payment within 7 days after the last day of the rental period. If payment has not been made by this time, Scoot Amsterdam withholds the right to charge an extra administration cost of 40 euro. If a further 7 days is surpassed without payment, Scoot Amsterdam will charge a further 25 euro on top of the 40 euro administration cost. After this 14 day term, if payment is still not made, Scoot Amsterdam will pass the case over to a debt collection agency, in order to recover costs. The extra costs incurred by the debt collection agency are also at the renters expense.


Article 6:
The scooter is delivered with a full fuel tank. During use, the fuel is for the renters own account. Renter must return the scooter with a full fuel tank. If the scooter is not returned with a full fuel tank, Scoot Amsterdam will charge ten euro (10) in fuel costs.

Article 7:
Renting a scooter from Scoot Amsterdam takes place at your own risk. Scoot Amsterdam is not liable for damage during the rental period to tenant, driver and co-driver thereof, and to third parties as a result of any damage and / or defect of the rented property.

Article 8:
When parking, the renter must at all times secure the scooter with the supplied ART approved anti-theft chain lock (at a fixed point such as a lamppost or bicycle rack). Scoot Amsterdam is responsible for the correct confirmation, according to the instruction received at the delivery.

Article 9:
The renter is liable for damage resulting from theft as well as all other damage to the rented property (including damage caused by the falling of the scooter due to wind), regardless of how the damage was caused, inflicted and regardless of whether this is the fault of the renter or third parties. In case of damage, the renter is obliged to inform Scoot Amsterdam immediately and to complete the accident damage paperwork on the spot. The renter is obliged to follow the instructions given by the Scoot Amsterdam. In case of damage, the renter is held liable for the costs of repair and / or costs of replacement of damaged parts resulting from the damage. In the event of theft or loss, the renter is liable for the daily value of the rental scooter. In the event of non-immediate payment of the total damage, not only the costs of the damage but also all recovery costs are borne by the renter. If a third party has caused the damage, the following applies: the damage amount already paid by the renter will be refunded to the renter as soon as the third party has paid the full damage to Scoot Amsterdam. See article 18 for costs for loss and/or damage to the property.

Article 10a:
Should a defect occur during the rental period, the renter should immediately contact Scoot Amsterdam to report this defect. The defective scooter may not be left unattended. If further driving is not possible, a replacement scooter will be used, provided that it is available and provided that the defect was not caused by the fault of the renter. If no replacement scooter is available, the renter is entitled to a refund of that part of the rent that represents the value of the uninvited rental period.

Article 10b: Scoot Amsterdam reserves the right in case of calamities to use a scooter of a different brand and / or model than has been previously reserved and / or agreed in the rental agreement. A replacement scooter available may differ from that stated in the contract.

Article 11:
Both at the delivery and at the return of the rental scooter, the condition of the scooter is viewed by the renter and Scoot Amsterdam together. Should the renter notice any points in the condition of the scooter at the time of delivery, the renter will report this immediately or at the latest before the receipt of the key.

Article 12:
The renter is expressly prohibited to:

  1. Control the scooter after using drugs, alcohol or medicines that can affect driving ability;
  2. Use the scooter in competition, in any form whatsoever;
  3. Driving outside the accessible cycle paths and on unpaved surfaces (with the exception of the moped scooter in the built-up area that has to drive on the road);
  4. Control the scooter with two or more co-drivers. The scooter is intended for two passengers: one driver and one passenger;
  5. Handing the scooter to third parties in use or subletting;
  6. To tinker with the scooter or make changes to / on the scooter;
  7. Violate the legal traffic regulations.
    If the tenant does not comply with the prohibitions mentioned in this article, the limitation of his / her own risk will immediately lapse (if the tenant has bought this off), without refund of the redemption amount.
  8. Use the scooter for delivery purposes i.e Food/Parcels/taxi etc

Article 13:
The renter is expected to deal with the rented property in a responsible manner. In case of alleged abuse, Scoot Amsterdam is entitled at all times to take the rented property without refund of rent.

Article 14:
Scoot Amsterdam has the right under certain weather conditions where, according to the assessment of the landlord, the safety of the renter is in danger of canceling the reservation, without any mutual cost.

Article 15:
In case of early reservation, up to and including 30 days in advance, a deposit of 25% of the total rent (excluding deposit) applies

Article 16:
Cancellation of the reservation / rental agreement by the renter must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance. If the renter cancels less than 24 hours in advance, 100% of the rent will be charged.

Article 17a:
If the scooter is not available for collection at the agreed time, (unless otherwise discussed), Scoot Amsterdam may charge the renter ten euro (10) for every thirty (30) minutes over this time and if still unavailable after one (1) full hour, a full days rental will be charged and the renter may then keep the scooter for this new rental period, as required.If, after 24 hours, the scooter has not been returned and there has been no contact possible between Scoot Amsterdam and the renter, Scoot Amsterdam will inform the police and report the property as stolen.

Article 17b:  In case of an early return, there is no refund of the rent (unless otherwise discussed).

Article 18:

Costs for damage or loss: (prices correct as of January 2019 and are  including tax), Windscreen 115 euro, Mirror 20 (each), Padlock and chain 65 euro Padlock and/or padlock key 40 euro, Ignition key 65e euro, Key-ring 2.50 euro, Paperwork supplied with scooter 5 euro, Helmet 65 euro, Leg protector 70 euro, Gloves 45 euro, Smart phone holder 37.50 euro

Article 19:

As of April 2019, it is required by law for people driving a scooter in and around Amsterdam to wear a helmet, this includes a passenger.  From this date onwards, Scoot Amsterdam will supply a helmet for driver (and passenger if necessary) included in the rental price. The wearing of helmets is the renters responsibility. Not all roads fall under this new rule, but it is the renters responsibility to take note of road signs as to where and when a helmet is required to be worn. Scoot Amsterdam takes no responsibility for any fine involved in not abiding by this rule/law. Any cost will be for the renter/s.




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